How it works


Tiwouh : an interaction between therapist, patient, and parents


A multidisciplinary team

The platform TiwouH, named after its mascot, was designed by a multidisciplinary team combining technology professionals (computer scientists, engineers) and Language Therapists / Speech clinicians and researchers who specialize in the care of people with disorders communication and language.

A comprehensive tool for Speech & Language Therapists (SLT) and their patients

The platform allows SLT to build communication applications for their patients, using new technologies, such as voice synthesis and the latest interfaces (tablets). It offers various integrated and complementary applications:

  • an AAC application,
  • an application focused on vocabulary learning with the opportunity to work the vocabulary specifically integrated in the AAC tables,
  • an application for working the emergence of syntax (e.g. work the first word combinations based on image description),
  • an application for adapting games and books to comment,
  • an application for learning conversation,
  • an application to create routines of daily life,
  • and other upcoming!

Personalization apps to meet the patient's needs

All applications can be set at will and customized by the SLT according to the needs of its different patients. Thus, it is possible to choose the voice according to the user (female voice, male, child), to change the speed of speech (to increase the intelligibility of the message to a patient) change the colors of the boxes (for example, to identify the grammatical category of words), to change the font display, to disable a symbol (for example, when adults feel that the child can not get an object), to provide voice or animated boosters when exercises are successful, etc.

An interactive tool

The SLT can share "online" exercises that they built so that their patient can practice at home alone or under the supervision of their parents. AAC tables built by the SLT can be used by the patient, ecologically in its natural environment.

A family involvement

Parents are encouraged to get involved by completing or building communication grids and exercises in collaboration with SLT.

Use anywhere and anytime

All applications (AAC tables and exercises) are accessible anywhere and anytime by different users however respecting access authorization rules.

A sharing community

A moderated forum for SLT specialized pays special attention to the exchange of good practices. It allows SLT and parents to share their experiences and increase their skills.

This forum provides guidance, support and motivation in using the tools available on the platform.